Preserve your unique sound
and the identity it represents

Your voice helps to convey your meaning and personality. Changes in speech or loss of speech are common symptoms for people diagnosed with ALS (aka Lou Gehrig’s disease), MS, Parkinson’s, or cancers of the tongue and larynx. enables you to record and save messages in your own voice. These recordings can later be imported into a Speech Generating Device (SGD) or several tablet communication apps, providing a more personal communication experience for you and those you love. guides you through every step of the message banking process and provides useful and meaningful message suggestions collected from people with ALS, caregivers and speech therapists.

MessageBanking.Com is free, fast and simple so everyone diagnosed with a condition that might affect their future ability to speak should use it! All you will need is a USB hands-free mic, available at electronic stores or online, and an internet connection. provides you with prompts for common phrases (e.g. “How are you doing?”) as well as messages that people using alternative communication have found useful (e.g. “I have something to add to what we are talking about.”). We also encourage you to bank your special laughter, words of affection, gratitude and praise, pet commands, sports cheers and other phrases that are unique to you.

Only a short time commitment of a less than an hour is required to record your voice using but the benefits can be truly invaluable.

Of course you will not be able to record everything you will ever want say, but you can use to record many meaningful phrases with your unique delivery. Phrases that you didn’t record can still be expressed using one of many synthesized voices provided by speech generating devices or “text-to-speech” tablet apps such as AlphaCore Communicator for Windows.

Alphacore Communicator

The AlphaCore text-to-speech app helps to speed and facilitate communication for literate people with a wide variety of access needs like those with ALS/MND.

Messages recorded in can easily be transferred to AlphaCore by clicking AlphaCore’s “Import Message Banking” button. With this single step, message buttons in AlphaCore will be programmed to play their corresponding recording. This eliminates the time consuming steps of creating labeled buttons on phrase pages for each or your recorded messages and then uploading each audio file to a message button.